SKD Group’s First Cricket Tournament Launches With 8 Teams

Bahrain XI, Telugu Warriors and Grand Tiger Gama, Bengal Tigers Battle at Semi Finals

Part of SKD Group’s first internal sports championship, an 8-team cricket tournament commenced on Saturday the 9th of November 2019. Four teams qualified for the Semi Finals due on Friday the 15th of November at 9.00 AM, where Bahrain XI will take on Telugu Warriors while Grand Tiger Gama will take on Bengal Tigers. The Finals will be held at 2.00 PM on the same day.

 Supporting recreational and health activities of its employees, SKD contesting teams played on an open ground behind the SKD Al-Eker Camp, where two cricket grounds were set up. The matches saw a great crowd turn out with SKD employees cheering for their favourite teams.

 Competing in the tournament were SKD Rangers (Contracting), Knight Riders (Accounts), Grand Tiger Gama, Telugu Warriors (Malkiya Camp), Bengal Tigers (Al-Eker Camp), Bahrain XI, Grand Tiger Sanad and Sanad Garage.

 One of Bahrain’s leading business groups, Sayed Kadhem Al Durazi & Sons Group comprises over 20 companies covering different industrial, production, service, real estate and agricultural sectors and more.

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