Email usage best practices

Dear all,

Email is a widely used method of communication between internal departments and external contractors and customers. It gives good or bad impression about the company which you represent and about you as individuals.

We have noticed many common mistakes in writing Email messages, and here are instructions to correct the usage of Email:

1-      Use company Email. Use or your company Email for example if you work in ready-mix use Email instead of Email.

2-      Make a signature for your Email containing at Least: Your Name, Job Title, and Company Name, Contact details such as Mobile, company landline, Fax line and website. An professional looking signature show how professional you are (And of course you are professional)

3-      Use a meaningful message subject.

4-      Do not send only attachment without message content.

5-      Do not send large file sizes (Not more than 5 MB), many companies does not accept more than 5 MB files.

6-      Do not send a message to more than 10 recipients at one time.

7-      Check spelling using outlook tool, and check grammar mistakes.

8-      Avoid sending installation files (.EXE).

For more assistance do not hesitate to contact me or IT via IT Support Tickets, Phone or Email.



Mohamed Aburowais

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